Amina Abdulle

Amina Abdulle has been with the School Board for over 10 years as an educator, the department head, and most recently, as the newly appointed Teacher Consultant of Equity.

My Story

Amina Abdulle is an educator and consultant who has been working in the field of education for over 10 years. Amina has been with the Greater Essex County District School Board for over 10 years where she has served as an educator, department head and as the newly appointed Teacher Consultant of Equity.

Amina is a dedicated and committed member of the Windsor community, working on endeavors that aim to create more inclusive spaces. She sits on several boards as an Executive Board Member and is also one of the Co-Founders of the Black Staff Equity Alliance (BSEA) which aims to bring together Black staff and their allies in a safe space to combat anti-Black racism and create systemic changes in education.

As a public speaker, Amina has created and led many workshops that touch on topics including dispelling the myth of the model minority, intersectionality, islamophobia, and allyship.

Amina is an advocate for decolonizing education and believes that education is the tool to a more fair and equitable future for all.

Amina Abdulle