Remy Sirls

Remy Sirls, a BWFA director, is currently the chief operating officer for Ontario 211services and is an advocate for increasing access to social and community based services for marginalized and at-risk communities.

My Story

Remy Sirls has spent her professional career as a strong leader within the not-for-profit sector, and currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Ontario 211 Services. Focusing on increasing access to social and community-based services for marginalized and at-risk communities, Remy has spent nearly 20 years working in both Ontario and her native Detroit.

In addition to her director’s position with the Black Women of Forward Action, Remy currently serves on the board of directors for the Windsor Essex Port Authority, is Vice Chair of Pozitive Pathways, and has previously been appointed to the Board of Directors for Legal Aid Ontario, Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women, Assisted Living Southwest Ontario, and Tempe Windsor Essex Community Health Centre.

A mother to two daughters, Remy is an advocate for women and children, the BIPOC community, and fighting human rights injustices across both Canada and the US.

Remy Sirls